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Motorcycle Crash Attorney of Massachusetts

Motorcyclists travel the same roads each day that car and truck drivers do, following the same rules and regulations of the road. Despite this fact, motorcyclists are involved in as many more crashes as other motor vehicle drivers. Crashes and injury take place in the state of Massachusetts as well as across the nation on a regular basis involving motorcycles. A crash involving a motorcycle can be traumatic in a physical sense as well as emotionally. Crashes involving motorcycles can result in wrongful death claims. There may be long stays in the hospital and months of recovery time for those who are injured.

Claims for Damages

If you are riding a motorcycle and have a crash, where another driver is at fault, then you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, scarring, medical expenses, lost wages, disfigurement and more. In a wrongful death case, punitive damages are an option. In the state of Massachusetts, motorcyclists do not have to receive no-fault Personal Injury Protection benefits based on the law.

Because benefits are lacking and the injuries sustained from a motorcycle crash are severe, it is essential that individuals contact an experienced motorcycle crash attorney right after the crash takes place.

Motorcycle Crashes

In Massachusetts and around the US, much of the crashes involving a motorcycle will involve a passenger vehicle and motorcycle. Drivers are used to seeing other cars and trucks as they drive but are not used to watching out for motorcycles. A crash can occur when a motorcycle is not given the right amount of space needed on the road. Defective equipment can be at fault which can cause a crash or a reckless driver can cause a motorcycle crash to occur. Vehicle drivers who are talking on their mobile phone or texting can easily crash into a motorcycle.

After the Crash

If you are involved in a motorcycle crash, you need to know what to do. In most cases, you will be taken to the hospital via ambulance. If you have not sought treatment, do so. You need to be evaluated for any broken bones, internal injuries, concussions and other injuries. These injuries should be documented. A report will be filed which will include information that can be used in a case if you have one.

If you feel that that you have a personal injury case or other claim, contact an attorney for assistance. Your information will be reviewed and a case created to help you obtain damages for your injuries. Many times, a motorcycle crash will result in a permanent disability or serious injury along with property damage. Your legal rights as a motorcycle rider need to be protected.

Contact Kathleen Black Reynolds, Esq.. today to learn more about your options after being involved in a motorcycle crash. Know your rights and have a case filed on your behalf today to fight for compensation in a personal injury case.

Reviewer: Steve

Rating: “I got injured on my motorcycle after being cut off and then they other party fleed. After we located the car that cut me off Tourkantonis and Reynolds gather evidence and eye witnesses and they we able to get me compensated for my injuries.”